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Lit Smoke Shop

About Page

Smoke shop in Lancaster, SC 
Lit is a Smoke Shop at 1735 Springdale rd Lancaster, SC, 29720. The shop opened in 2022 and has been keeping the city Lit ever since! From amazing prices to events like puff & paint or the adult Easter egg hunt. Lit is your go to for vapes, disposables, gummies and more. 

Dispensary in Lancaster, SC 

At Lit we often get asked "where da real stuff at"? The answer is here! We have gummies, carts and prerolls that are all meeting the standards of the 2018 Farm Bill Act. We are compliant with State and Federal Laws and you will be too. When the time comes we will be happy to transition into your favorite dispensary. 

Vape shop  in Lancaster, SC

Here at Lit we have your favorite vape brands and a wide variety of new vapes to try. We now offer a deal on any 2 vapes. Let us become your favorite vape shop in Lancaster, SC.

Quality pipes, rigs, and bongs

We have bangers, ash catchers, and more. We carry quality glass brands like Pulsar, Diamond, and Puffco.